The Arabic Language Academy- nazareth
The Arabic Language Academy- nazareth
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The Status of the Arabic Language in Israel

Arabic is considered an official language in Israel according to a law issued during the British Mandate in 1922. However, the tardiness of the official authorities in Israel and ignorance of wide sectors among the Jewish population of this language emptied this law of its content. The status of Arabic has deteriorated even among its native speakers due to its marginalization and exclusion from the educational institutes, media and public settings. In view of this noticeable retreat in the status of Arabic, it has become necessary to operate in an organized manner in order to raise its status and restore its vitality.


Establishment of the Arabic Language Academy


As a result of awareness of the importance of Arabic as a language of deep-rooted culture, a national language of a large sector of the population of this country, and an official language at the institutes of the State of Israel, the efforts of a number of scholars have led to the official establishment of an academic authority on March 21st, 2007 to attend to issues related to the Arabic language.


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